Unique hand-painted photography backdrops

Make your photography stand out with a unique hand-painted backdrop

Springdrops (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) offers both ready-made and made to order backdrops for your photo shoots. Our unique backdrops are guaranteed to make your photography stand out.

Our backdrops have a matte finish that eliminates unwanted shine. We use dense canvas (heavy 100% cotton) which makes it both easy to use and store your backdrop. We combine non-toxic quality paints and various painting techniques to create beautiful backdrops with style.

Start creating timeless and stylish images. Order any size, any color, any texture.
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Want to use our backdrops for your shoot in our studio in Amsterdam? Do you want to learn studio photography using strobes? Check out our studio page.

Nederlandse versie

Industrial Blue & Black

A unique looking backdrop, hand painted with black and blue shades View "Industrial Blue & Black"

Bumblebee Yellow

Bumblebee yellow haind-painted backdrop. Combines well with other earthy tones. View "Bumblebee Yellow"

Classic pink

Classic pink backdrops are perfect for romantic scenes View "Classic pink"